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42nd Street
"Gabrielle Ruiz brings a winning blend of naivete and sass to the lead role of Peggy Sawyer. Her terrific physicality and spot-on comedic instincts elevate what could be a generic part into a true star vehicle. Ruiz's strong singing voice and outstanding dance skills make her one to watch in the coming years."
Debra Charlton,

West Side Story
"Gabrielle Ruiz is a fiery powerhouse as Anita, and she uses her dark, rich mezzo with flair."
Carla Maria Verdina-Sullwold, Broadway World
"Gabrielle Ruiz as Anita was a commanding force and had an emotional range that impressed."
Harold Withee, The Portland Daily Sun
"The sexy Gabrielle Ruiz as Anita almost steals the scenes a number of times."
Jeremiah Turner, Fosters Daily Democrat
"The standout performances, both in character and delivery, are Anita (Gabrielle Ruiz) and Bernardo (Manuel Stark)."
Samantha Stephens Seacoast

SkippyJon Jones
"Either way, it's light and bright and scampers along thanks to five game actors…"
Joe Dziemianowicz, NY Daily News
"There are a trio of doubly cast performers,… notably Gabrielle Ruiz, who brings a gentle sense of cynicism and aura of discreet sexiness to her turn as Rosalita, the Chihuahua who proves critical to Skippjon's success in this delightfully playful tuner."
Andy Propst, Theatre Mania
"Gabrielle Ruiz practically steals the show as the only girl Chihuahua in a group of boys who won't let her play "fetch" with them."
Sam Thielman, Backstage

SkippyJon Jones
"As each character reveals themselves and their own individuality, Gabrielle Ruiz's portrayal of Diana Morales, an outspoken young Puerto Rican, brings the play to a high point at not just one, but two different moments. First, Ruiz recollects her horrible high school acting class in a flawless solo piece called "Nothing"; Ruiz then fronts the entire ensemble in the emotional peak of the play - "What I Did For Love" - a stunningly beautiful reflection on having no regrets about their life decisions, and the pursuit of dance."
Amy Strycula, Broadway World

My One and Only
"Gabrielle Ruiz, who plays Edythe, is a buoyant dancer with a fine voice."
New York Times
"Gabrielle Ruiz played Yazbeck's love interest, the high society swimmer, Edythe Herbert. Her sweet soprano filled the stage and her numerous standout songs included, 'Nice Work if You Can Get It.'"
"Ruiz shines in the wistful romantic interlude ''S Wonderful,' bringing more than a hint of Julie Andrews to her vocals."
Reminder News
"As Edythe, Gabrielle Ruiz... [is] an elegant dancer and singer with a personality idiosyncratic enough to match her Louise-Brooks-bob wig"
The Day
"The object of Billy's affections, swimming ace Edythe Herbert (Gabrielle Ruiz), is required to sing more than she dances, and does so in a confident, personable cabaret style that really invigorates otherwise familiar love songs"
"Gabrielle Ruiz plays swimmer Edythe Herbert, with plenty of charm and talent."
Arts & Leisure Connecticut
"Gabrielle Ruiz (our 'little fish') is to be complemented on her vocal skills which are similar to those of Julie Andrews, particularly in 'S'Wonderful.'"
In the Spotlight

High School Musical
"In [HSM]… Troy Bolton (portrayed by tall, lean and appealing Skyler Adams) meets Gabriella Montez (charming and lovely Gabrielle Ruiz) on the ski slopes during winter break."
'Disney's High School Musical' Sensation
by Clif' Warren, Edmond Life & Leisure

A Chorus Line
"Diana Morales, Gabrielle Ruiz has a powerhouse voice that knocks 'Nothing' and 'What I Did for Love' out of the park"
Broadway Stars by David Hurst
"Gabrielle Ruiz (Diana) is a performer to be reckoned with. She has two of the shows finest musical moments (”Nothing” and “What I Did for Love”) and has the audience in the palm of her hand for both. This show demonstrates her dramatic, comedic and musical chops. She’s clearly a triple threat and I imagine many a new show and musical revival will be built around her talent in the future."
DC Theatre Scene by Gary McMillan
"As Diana, Gabrielle Ruiz is pitch perfect in 'Nothing' about the absurdities of improvisation."
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution by Wendell Brock
"The most memorable performance is delivered by Gabrielle Ruiz as Diana. It helps that her character is handed two terrific songs: "Nothing" and the aforementioned "What I Did for Love." Ruiz has a pure and powerful voice and sings with an affecting simplicity. She also is a fine actress. At one point, Diana balks at one of Zach's orders and then believes her resistance may have cost her a role in his show. The actress lowers her eyes and bites her lip; her features are suffused with pain"
The Baltimore Sun by Mary Carole McCauley
"And the show's pathos is epitomized by Diana (Gabrielle Ruiz) ruminating about her passionate ambition to succeed as a dancer in 'Nothing' and 'What I Did for Love'"
Howard County Times by Mike Giuliano
"Gabrielle Ruiz as tough, spirited Diana, the Puerto Rican fireball who sings about feeling "Nothing" and leads the ensemble in 'What I Did for Love,' delivers standout vocals amid a mostly strong cast."
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette by Sharon Eberson
"...Relish Gabrielle Ruiz driving home the anthem 'What I Did for Love' while standing nearly stock still."
Sun Sentinel by Bill Hirschman
"The most outstanding performances in this production are put on by Gabrielle Ruiz (Diana) and Kevin Santos (Paul). I felt myself pulled into Ruiz' powerful rendition of 'What I Did for Love.'"
Dan Zukowski, Arts & Entertainment
"While each cast member auditioning for ‘the line’ gets their own number, there were some performers who definitely stood out from the pack. Diana, played by Gabrielle Ruiz, was a tour de force in the song,'Nothing;'"
Erin Konrad,
"'What I Did for Love' [was] expertly delivered by Gabrielle Ruiz as Diana..."
"Gabrielle Ruiz’s spunky Puerto Rican dancer, Diana, handles 'What I Did for Love' with gentle esprit."
L.A. Weekly Theatre Critics
"Above all other performances, however, two turns linger the longest. Gabrielle Ruiz stops the show with both of Diana’s well-worn numbers, 'Nothing' and 'What I Did for Love…'"
Travis Michael Holder, Entertainment Today
"Gabrielle Ruiz knocks "Nothing" out of the ballpark…"
Juliet Wittmas, Denver Westword Arts
"Of the excellent cast, stand-out principals are Gabrielle Ruiz as an arresting Diana Morales…"
Laura Hitchcock
"The best moments when they're not dancing are the psychologically wrenching ones. Diana (Gabrielle Ruiz) movingly pours her heart out in the showstopper 'What I Did for Love,' one of the musical's most effective moments."
Rita Moran, Ventura County Star
"Before the final dancers are selected at the end of the show, the director poses the question: 'What will you do when you can’t dance anymore?' …Diana (Gabrielle Ruiz), the sharp-witted Hispanic girl, steps forward and poignantly sings 'What I Did for Love.'"
Suzy Evans, The Daily Bruin
"The big hit song of the show has always been 'What I Did For Love' and Gabrielle Ruiz (Diana) sings it in a fresh, viciously alive rendition. It was a knockout!"
Lee Hartgrave, Beyond Chron